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Take advantage of the various care options we offer.

caregiver pushes senior woman on wheelchairThis program provides healthcare coverage to eligible families with adults or seniors with disabilities. We work with individuals in agencies to manage residential group homes or senior living facilities, improving and maintaining your independence as much as possible. Our home support services are provided in every patient’s private home. 24 – Seven Home Care’s affiliated homes are staffed with trained professionals who are adept at meeting seniors’ specific dietary, medical, and behavioral needs. All of the services are delivered on a client-centered basis to allow individuality and flexibility of care for each client we serve.

This program is centered around:

  • Support with activities of daily living
  • Assistance with self-care tasks and management
  • Promote personal development and overall wellness

If you have questions or confusions about the RSWP program, please don’t hesitate to call us at 612-886-2828. You may also set an appointment with us or send us a message.